Brazil extends import tax exemptions for (some) inputs to treat Covid-19

tax breaks covid-19
Photo: Keith Rowles/Shutterstock

The Brazilian Chamber of Foreign Trade (Camex) extended tax exemptions for medical inputs used for treating Covid-19 until the end of the year. While 479 medical inputs will remain free of import taxes, some crucial items — such as masks — are now subject to taxation once more. 

Among the list of items that no longer qualify for tax breaks are plastic gloves, “fake fabric” masks and PPE, intubation kits, devices to monitor vital signs, and ventilators known as “iron lungs.” 

According to Camex, the federal government believes the domestic market already has adequate supplies of these items, based on the analysis provided by the Health Ministry. “This is a result of the increasing production of essential items to fight the pandemic by the Brazilian industry.”

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