São Paulo postpones decision to return to in-person classes

classes sao paulo.jpg
São Paulo Mayor Bruno Covas. Photo: Patrícia Cruz/FP

The city of São Paulo postponed its decision to return to in-person classes on November 3. Mayor Bruno Covas wants to wait for the results of an epidemiological census in the city, which will offer a better glimpse into how the pandemic is progressing in São Paulo.

The result of the survey is expected to be released by October 22 — and only then will the local government decide when municipal schools should return to in-person classes. Starting next week, however, 15 schools will be allowed to hold extra-curricular activities on their premises.

Last week, state authorities placed Greater São Paulo in the second-to-last phase of its reopening plan. If the region doesn’t experience an uptick in cases within 14 days, schools will be allowed to hold in-person classes at 70 percent capacity.

According to a serological survey of children in the city of São Paulo, about 17.6 percent of students of municipal schools have developed Covid-19 antibodies — against 12.6 percent among students of private schools.

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