São Paulo to close much-praised Ibirapuera field hospital

São Paulo to close much-praised Ibirapuera field hospital
Field hospital in São Paulo. Photo: Luiz Barrionuevo/Shutterstock

São Paulo Governor João Doria announced the closure of the Ibirapuera Park field hospital, one of the most important parts of the so-called Covid-19 pandemic “front line,” Mr. Doria said. The facility will remain open until September 30, after five months of operations. Since its inauguration, the field hospital treated 3,189 patients and was approved by 99 percent of patients, according to the São Paulo state official data. 

Governor Doria stated that the decision was only made possible by the decline in Covid-19 cases around the state, and the city of São Paulo in particular. The worst days of the pandemic in the state were June 23 and August 11, with 430 and 420 deaths, respectively. On September 25, the number was at 200 daily deaths, in what health authorities consider to be a stable level.   

Other coronavirus-related statistics have fallen state-wide. Recent data has shown a decrease in hospitalization rates for nine consecutive weeks. In addition, in Greater São Paulo, ICU occupancy rates have dropped to 45.3 percent. 

The field hospital managers carried out a voluntary survey with 434 patients, of which 99 percent approved the medical care provided at the facility.

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