Ibope: Bolsonaro’s approval ratings grow 11 points compared to 2019

bolsonaro approval rating
Jair Bolsonaro. Photo: ABr

As reported by an Ibope survey this Thursday, 40 percent of Brazilians rated President Jair Bolsonaro’s government as either ‘great or good’ in July — an increase of 11 percentage points when compared to his approval ratings at the end of last year. Meanwhile, 29 percent classed the current administration as ‘bad or terrible.’ 

As The Brazilian Report has explained, one of the main reasons for this jump in Mr. Bolsonaro’s approval rating is the Covid-19 emergency salary program, paying BRL 600 (USD 108) each month to informal workers and the unemployed. However, the payment has now been cut to BRL 300 a month. During his speech at the 2020 UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Mr. Bolsonaro incorrectly claimed that the initiative had paid USD 1,000 to each beneficiary.

The Ibope survey polled Brazilians on their perceptions of several federal government sectors. Fifty-one percent had positive opinions about “public security,” while the “tax sector” fared the worst, seen in a negative light by 67 percent. 

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