Second Supreme Court Justice catches Covid-19

supreme court justice
Supreme Court Justice Cármen Lúcia. Photo: Marcelo Camargo/ABr

Supreme Court Justice Cármen Lúcia has tested positive for Covid-19 — making her the ninth person who attended the September 10 inauguration of Chief Justice Luiz Fux to have contracted the coronavirus. A source close to the justice told The Braziliian Report that Ms. Lúcia is well, despite her diagnosis.

Several high-profile authorities in Brasília have recently been infected with the virus, including Prosecutor General Augusto Aras, Tourism Minister Marcelo Álvaro Antonio, and House Speaker Rodrigo Maia — along with several members of high courts.

But while the inauguration ceremony is being used as a timestamp for these infections, there were multiple occasions during which the spread might have occurred. One was a massive dinner party hosted by the House Speaker the day before. The September 9 event — gathering everyone who’s anyone in Brasília politics — was in celebration of the inauguration of Luiz Fux as the new Supreme Court Chief Justice. Members of Congress were in attendance, as well as members of high courts and prominent business owners.

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