Violence against women increases during the pandemic

Violence against women increases during the pandemic
Women protest against rape culture in Goiânia. Photo: Angela Macario/Shutterstock

According to data from urban violence monitor Fogo Cruzado, the number of women shot dead increased between August and September, when six victims were confirmed. Last month alone accounts for 50 percent of all cases of fatal cases of gender-based violence since isolation measures were first enforced in Brazil, late in March.

Overall violence figures, on the other hand, are on a downward trend: over the past six months, Fogo Cruzado recorded “just” 2,359 shootings in the Greater Rio de Janeiro Area between March and September. Believe it or not, these figures represent a 43-percent drop from the same period last year, when 4,114 shootings were reported.

At least 763 people were injured by bullets in the Greater Rio Area, or which 384 were fatally wounded. As a matter of comparison, the same period in 2019 saw 776 dead and another 737 injured. 

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