Brazilians second-most eager for Covid-19 vaccine

brazil eager vaccine
Image: Sun KO/Shutterstock

This week, President Jair Bolsonaro caused a stink by declaring, during a conversation with supporters, that “no-one can force anyone to take a Covid-19 vaccine,” stoking fears of a burgeoning anti-vax movement in Brazil as the country faces the worst pandemic in living memory.

However, the data does not corroborate the idea that potential immunization would be anything but welcome in Brazil — in fact, the country is the second-most eager to receive the vaccine, according to a recent study.

An Ipsos-Mori poll surveyed adults from 27 countries, asking whether they would take a Covid-19 vaccine if it were available. Though China was by far the most eager for immunization — 97 percent said they would take coronavirus vaccines — Brazil was ranked second, with 88 percent of respondents in favor of being inoculated. In the U.S., where the anti-vax movement is more established, 33 percent of people were opposed to a potential vaccine.

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