Pro-Bolsonaro congresswoman hospitalized with Covid-19

Pro-Bolsonaro congresswoman hospitalized with Covid-19
Carla Zambelli. Photo: Michel Jesus/ Câmara dos Deputados

Conservative Congresswoman Carla Zambelli has been admitted to a private hospital in Brasília, six days after announcing she had tested positive for coronavirus. A loyal supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro, Ms. Zambelli, upon announcing her diagnosis to her followers last Tuesday, said she was symptomless and had begun taking hydroxychloroquine. The anti-malarial drug has no proven effectiveness in treating Covid-19 but has repeatedly been touted by Mr. Bolsonaro as a potential cure for the disease.

Later in the week, however, the representative claimed she was suffering from severe body aches and had trouble sleeping. The DF Star hospital in Brasilia issued a statement saying Ms. Zambelli is in a stable condition.

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