Latin America Covid-19 News Roundup: Aug. 19, 2020

peru strike
Photo: Mbzfotos/Shutterstock

?? Peru. The Peruvian Medical Federation announces a 48-hour national strike in Peru for August 26-27. (El Peruano, in Spanish)

?? Argentina. Delivery giant MercadoLibre doubled sales during Q2 2020 thanks to lockdown restrictions. (Buenos Aires Times)

?? Chile. The United Nations sent a mission to Chile, where indigenous Mapuches hold a hunger strike for better conditions during the health crisis. (MercoPress)

?? Venezuela. The governments of Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago coordinate bilateral talks to fight the coronavirus pandemic. (Prensa Latina, in Spanish)

?? Ecuador. The Labor Ministry says at least 289,000 Ecuadorian workers have lost their jobs this year, in what is a veritable “job apocalypse” for the country. (The Rio Times)

?? Colombia. Researchers from the University of Antioquia’s Immunovirology Group claim a Colombian sterilization-robot can eliminate the coronavirus. (Prensa Libre, in Spanish)

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