Football club successfully appeal to play infected Covid-19 players

covid-19 players football brazil
Photo: Atlético Goianiense

In yet another twist since the return to Brazil’s national football championship last weekend, Center-West club Atlético Goianiense have successfully appealed to the Brazilian football confederation (CBF) for the right to field four of their players in a match against champions Flamengo this evening, despite the fact the quartet have all tested positive for Covid-19.

According to the head of the CBF’s medical committee Jorge Pagura, “there is no risk” in having the four players take part in this evening’s match, even with positive Covid-19 tests. The argument is that the players are “nearing the end of their infection” and have quarantined for 10 days, claiming that their potential to transmit the virus has reduced greatly.

Meanwhile, the players’ union in São Paulo have threatened to take the CBF to court in order to stop the national championship. Only six out of ten matches went ahead on the first weekend of games, and dozens of cases have been recorded across the country’s three divisions.

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