Latin America Covid-19 News Roundup: Aug. 11, 2020

costa rica pandemic
Photo: Kovop58

?? Costa Rica. Still considered to be a good example of how to fight the pandemic, Costa Rica is experiencing its worst days in terms of new daily deaths. The country has confirmed 235 Covid-19 casualties, 18 on Friday alone. (Prensa Latina, in Spanish)

?? Argentina. After five months, 10,500 students in the province of San Juan are the first to return to school. (Prensa Latina, in Spanish)

?? Colombia. At least 56 percent of Colombians don’t trust the World Health Organization, according to the most recent World Values Survey. (El Tiempo, in Spanish)

?? Honduras. The number of Covid-19 hospitalizations in Honduras was 36 percent lower in the first week of August than the mid-July peak, according to Tegucigalpa. (El Heraldo, in Spanish)

?? Mexico. Capital Mexico City allows bars to “change” their legal status to restaurants, so they can reopen during the pandemic. (The Washington Post)

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