Largest Amazon city Brazil’s first to reopen schools

Largest Amazon city Brazil's first to reopen schools
Photo: Seduc/AM

Manaus, the largest city in the Amazon region — and the first Brazilian city to experience a full-scale collapse caused by the coronavirus — is ready to send its students back to school. The state government has announced that from August 10, pupils over 15 years old will have in-person classes. 

The capital of Amazonas state will now be the first city in the country to reopen its schools.

The process to restart classes will take place in different stages, with younger students only resuming lessons on August 24. According to news website UOL, Amazonas Governor Wilson Lima promised classrooms would respect a 50-percent occupation cap, and that classes would not be held every day.

The government also announced the provision of masks, hand sanitizers, and other personal protection equipment.

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