São Paulo loosens reopening rules as coronavirus spread increases

São Paulo loosens reopening rules as coronavirus spread increases
Governor João Dória (right). Photo: GOVESP

São Paulo Governor João Doria, announced a change in the rules for allowing non-essential businesses to reopen across Brazil’s wealthiest and most-populated state. Since May, the government has allowed cities to resume economic activities providing they fulfil certain conditions, based on new case tallies and intensive care unit occupancy.

Previously, in order to reach the final and least restrictive “Green Phase” of the reopening plan, cities had to have an hospital bed occupancy rate of under 60 percent. This requirement will now be adjusted to either 70 or 75 percent, to be finalized in a meeting tomorrow.

The change has been justified by state authorities as a way to allow elective surgeries and exams to return, which had largely been cancelled or postponed due to the need to keep as many hospital beds vacant as possible.

However, the spread of Covid-19 around the expanse of São Paulo state remains high. In this morning’s Weekly Report, data journalist Aline Gatto Boueri analyzed the progression of the virus around the entire country, showing that the situation in the north of São Paulo is less than desirable.

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