Brazilians fearful of going to shops and restaurants

Brazilians fearful of going to shops and restaurants
Empty mall in Rio. Photo: Maarten Zeehandelaar/Shutterstock

It has been three weeks since bars, restaurants, and beauty parlors reopened in the city of São Paulo. Shopping malls, meanwhile, got the green light to welcome customers a month and a half ago. Still, Brazilians remain wary of frequenting these establishments during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A study by the polling company Locomotiva Institute shows that 74 percent of people want to avoid shopping malls — and 69 percent prefer not to visit restaurants any time soon. Interestingly, only 45 percent say they will avoid gyms.

According to the São Paulo association of bars and restaurants, the flow of customers has slowly improved. Three weeks ago, it sat at 80 percent below pre-pandemic levels. Now, it is at 75 percent below the same reference point.

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