Brazil’s overspending on anti-Covid-19 equipment in the billions

Brazil's overspending on anti-Covid-19 equipment in the billions
Federal Comptroller’s Office building

An investigation by the Federal Comptroller’s Office has revealed massive overspending in Brazil’s anti-coronavirus effort. Auditors identified unlawful spending of nearly BRL 2 billion (USD 371 million) on protective personal equipment and hospitals’ operating costs. The figure is the accumulated total for 19,700 contracts in states, capital cities, and other large urban centers scrutinized back in March, when the pandemic arrived in Brazil. 

Together, the contracts add up to some BRL 13 Billion.

Several of the purchases surveyed were canceled after irregularities were identified and now the subject of active investigations by Federal Prosecutors. Although the authorities are promising continued vigilance in monitoring the purchases from the largest supplies surveyed. 

Among the 30 highest contracts, eight have been in the state or city of Rio de Janeiro, which has been hit by several corruption scandals in medical purchases, as covered by The Brazilian Report. Earlier this month, Rio’s former Health Secretary was arrested for alleged misuse of funds. Rio de Janeiro Governor, Wilson Witzel, is also under investigation as part of the case.

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