City councilor drafts bill to suspend classes in São Paulo for the remainder of 2020

classes são paulo
Photo: Kaliuzhna Tamara/Shutterstock

São Paulo City Councilor Antonio Donato proposed a bill on Wednesday allowing for the further suspension of classes in the municipal public system for the remainder of 2020. Mr. Donato, a member of the center-left Worker’s Party, believes that the city is yet to meet the minimum sanitary conditions to have a safe return to in-person classes in September, as is currently planned. The proposal now awaits a vote in the city council.  

As previously covered by The Brazilian Report in June, São Paulo Governor João Doria announced plans to resume in-person classes in the state on September 8, a move that reignited nationwide discussions of when would be the right time to allow students to return to school.

Yet, many health experts have warned against what is perceived as a premature return to normal life in Brazil, as states have begun to reopen their economies amid still steadily rising Covid-19 cases and death figures.

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