Flavio Bolsonaro’s former advisor and wife sent to home arrest

house arrest
Fabrício Queiroz and Márcia Aguiar. Photo: Instagram

Marcia Aguiar, wife of Fabrício Queiroz — a longtime friend of President Jair Bolsonaro — is no longer a fugitive from justice. Two days after having her preventive custody revoked and replaced by house arrest, Ms. Aguiar finally turned herself in. The couple’s defense team alleged they are at high-risk if jailed due to possible coronavirus infection.

Still, the decision by the Superior Court of Justice — Brazil’s second-highest judicial body — was labeled a “disgrace” by judges. As we explained in yesterday’s Daily Briefing, it is unheard of in Brazilian law for fugitive to have their penalties relaxed. Preventive arrests are used precisely when there is a flight risk for defendants. As a matter of fact, the court’s own precedent goes overwhelmingly in the opposite direction. Per a survey done by news website G1, 95 percent of house arrest requests are denied — including medical petitions related to the coronavirus.

Justice João Otávio de Noronha, who penned the decision, has been accused of using his rulings to lobby with President Bolsonaro for a future Supreme Court seat. His track record includes a May decision allowing the president to hide his coronavirus test results from the public.

In April, President Bolsonaro declared he felt “love at first sight” for Mr. Noronha. Apparently, the feeling is mutual.

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