Latin America Covid-19 News Roundup: Jul. 6, 2020

argentina football River Plate v Boca Juniors - Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2019
Boca v. River. Photo: Diego Haliasz/Prensa River

?? Argentina. Health Minister Gines González: Football in Argentina “will not return any time soon.” (Merco Press)

?? Colombia. A quarter of the country’s total Covid-19 deaths were confirmed in recent weeks (Colombia Reports)

?? Venezuela. The Nicolás Maduro government is to impose “radical quarantine” after a bump in coronavirus infections (The Brazilian Report — Covid-19 Live Blog)

?? Dominican Republic. Dominicans elected their new president amid the pandemic. (The Brazilian Report)

?? Bolivia. Health Minister Eidy Roca is the 7th government member to test positive for Covid-19 (Notamerica, in Spanish)

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