Uruguayans only Latin Americans allowed in European Union

Uruguayans only Latin Americans allowed in European Union
Photo: Everyonephoto Studio/Shutterstock

The European Union has decided to open its borders to residents from 15 countries, including only one Latin American nation: Uruguay.

The tiny country to the south of Brazil has been an outlier in a region that was labeled by the World Health Organization as the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic. So far, Uruguay has confirmed fewer than 1,000 infections and only 27 deaths. Meanwhile, the coronavirus has been particularly fatal in Mexico — likely because few people are tested before they’re seriously ill — and the spread has gotten completely out of control in Brazil. 

In addition to Uruguay, the list also includes Australia, Algeria, Canada, China, South Korea, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Serbia, Thailand, Tunisia, and Rwanda. 

Despite its residents being allowed to enter the European Union, Montevideo will continue to keep its own borders closed to foreign tourists, including those from Europe, said Tourism Minister Germán Cardoso in a press conference on June 26.

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