Vast majority of Brazilians support school closures, says opinion poll

school closures coronavirus
Schoolchildren in Vitória da Conquista. Photo: Joa Souza/Shutterstock

The latest survey data from pollster Datafolha shows that 76 percent of Brazilians are in favor of continuing school closures around the country, in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Private and public schools have been closed since the beginning of the crisis in March, but some states are developing contingency plans to return to in-person classes later this year. Brazil’s most-populous state São Paulo intends to reopen schools in September.

The support of over three-quarters of the population for school closures is consistent across age groups, income levels, and Brazil’s five macro-regions. However, the largest contingent of those in favor of reopening schools is found among those who classify the Jair Bolsonaro government as “great” or “good.” Thirty-eight percent of these people are against closing schools.

Datafolha’s study heard 2,016 people and was carried out on Tuesday and Wednesday, via telephone.

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