The Brazilian Report featured on Today, Explained podcast

jornalista gustavo ribeiro The Brazilian Report featured on Today, Explained podcast

Brazil’s coronavirus debacle continues to gain international repercussions. It was featured on Today, Explained, a daily news podcast from Vox. Host Sean Rameswaram talked to The Brazilian Report‘s editor-in-chief Gustavo Ribeiro in the episode published on June 24.

While no country in the world has as many Covid-19 infections or deaths as the U.S., Brazil is doing its best to close the gap. With over 1.1 million infections and 54,000 deaths, Latin America’s biggest country is becoming the world’s coronavirus epicenter.

Brazil has registered more new cases than any other nation and seems to have no plan to mitigate the crisis. Just like his U.S. counterpart, Donald Trump, President Jair Bolsonaro has minimized the outbreak — calling it the “sniffles” — and recommended the use of hydroxychloroquine as treatment, despite the drug having no positive proven effect.

Today, Explained

A co-production between Vox and Stitcher, Today, Explained was created in 2018 to compete with The New York Times’ podcast The Daily — and distinguishes itself in a few ways. While The Daily comes out early in the morning and has a sober tone, Today, Explained is published in the afternoon and brings a more informal, conversational look at the issues of the day. According to Vox, the podcast has over 1 million listeners per week.

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