Latin America Covid-19 News Roundup: Jun. 23, 2020

Argentina Teatro Colon
Photo: Civitas

?? Argentina 1. Victoria Alcaraz, director of Buenos Aires’ famous Colón Theater, tests positive for Covid-19. (Prensa Latina, in Spanish)

?? Argentina 2. A man tried to drive into the Chinese embassy in Buenos Aires yelling that “the CIA is behind the pandemic” — and asking for China’s help. (Prensa, in Spanish)

?? Venezuela. Despite the quarantine imposed by President Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelans gather for San Juan celebrations. (Efecto Cocuyo, in Spanish) 

?? Chile. President Sebastián Piñera is accused by the opposition of violating quarantine protocols to attend the funeral of his uncle, priest Bernardino Piñera. (El País, in Portuguese)

?? Colombia. Government projects 41,000 coronavirus deaths by year-end. (Colombia Reports)

?? Honduras. Authorities investigate alleged illegal contracts for building field hospitals during the pandemic. (Notiamerica, in Spanish)