São Paulo breaks records for daily deaths

After reopening, São Paulo breaks records for daily deaths

São Paulo state registered its highest number of Covid-19 deaths over a 24-hour period, with 434 recorded since the last update. Brazil’s most-populated state also confirmed 7,502 new Covid-19 cases in the same period, adding up to a total of 229,475 confirmed cases and 13,068 deaths, the highest figures for any single state in the country.

After recently reopening its economy — which experts warned was a hasty measure — the state had already seen record-setting numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths last week, as previously covered by The Brazilian Report. Now, the latest Covid-19 tallies only reinforce the notion that greenlighting non-essential businesses to reopen was premature.  

The continuous rapid spread of the coronavirus around the state’s interior is believed to be responsible for the bulk of these record figures as “even with a reduction in cases in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, the overall figures continue to be negative,” said São Paulo Contingency Center Coordinator João Gabbardo, speaking to news website G1.

Yet, the real Covid-19 figures might be far worse than what the numbers suggest, especially in state capital São Paulo. Earlier today, The Brazilian Report discussed a report by City Hall suggesting that around 1.2 million people might have been infected with the coronavirus in the city alone — more than the 1.1 million confirmed cases registered nationwide.

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