Latin America Covid-19 News Roundup: Jun. 18, 2020

Bolivia could face its own “Guayaquil-like collapse”
Photo: Shutterstock

?? Bolivia 1. The mayor of Entre Ríos dies from Covid-19, after spending days in intensive care. (Opinion, in Spanish)

?? Bolivia 2. With dead bodies on the streets, Bolivia could face its own “Guayaquil-like collapse.” (Clarín, in Spanish)

?? Argentina. The Argentinian Biological Institute developed a therapeutic serum to treat patients with Covid-19. (Correio Braziliense, in Portuguese)

?? Costa Rica. The government establishes a patrol on its 360-kilometer border with Nicaragua to avoid having contaminated people crossing over. (Prensa, in Spanish)

?? El Salvador. With low infection rates, El Salvador starts reopening its economy. (El, in Spanish)