After reopening, São Paulo sees record number of deaths

After reopening, São Paulo sees record number of deaths
São Paulo’s Vila Formosa cemetery. Photo: BW Press/Shutterstock

The state of São Paulo has posted record-setting numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths on Tuesday, according to state health authorities. Over the past 24 hours, Brazil’s most-populated state registered 8,825 infections and 365 deaths, bringing total tallies up to 190,285 cases and 11,132 casualties.

The numbers do not necessarily mean that these cases and deaths occurred in the past 24 hours, but that they were entered into the system during that time frame. Covid-19 updates on Tuesday usually include cases and deaths that occurred during the weekend but went accounted for due to reduced staff in hospitals. On Monday, the state saw a reduction in the number of weekly deaths — the difference, however, was of only three fewer casualties.

The new records come just a week after the state began reopening its economy, greenlighting the operation of shopping malls and street commerce — which experts have advised against. With today’s numbers, the administration of Governor João Doria says it is possible that the average number of deaths will rise over the next few days. “If necessary, we will take action,” said João Gabbardo, the leading anti-coronavirus official in São Paulo.

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