Education Minister fined for not wearing a mask in public

Education Minister fined for not wearing a mask in public
Photo: Instagram

Authorities in Brasília have issued a BRL 2,000 (USD 386) fine to Education Minister Abraham Weintraub for breaking Covid-19 public health rules. On Sunday, Mr. Weintraub appeared without a mask at the Ministries Esplanade alongside 30-plus Bolsonaro supporters in a pro-government protest. The use of masks in public has been mandatory in Brasília since May 11, following a decree by Mr. Rocha to address the rising Covid-19 spread curve in the capital.

The Ministries Esplanade was officially closed for protests on Sunday due to recurring anti-democratic demonstrations that often culminated in threats and even attacks against Congress and the Supreme Court, amid calls for military intervention from Mr. Bolsonaro’s supporters. Yet, the Education Minister insisted on showing up, disobeying social distancing guidelines alongside pro-government supporters.

Mr. Weintraub is currently under investigation in connection with the Supreme Court’s fake news probe and for inciting attacks against Congress and the judiciary. In a video recording of an April cabinet meeting, Mr. Weintraub made inflammatory comments calling for the arrest of Supreme Court justices.

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