São Paulo mayor tested positive for Covid-19

São Paulo Mayor Bruno Covas. Photo: GOVESP
São Paulo Mayor Bruno Covas. Photo: GOVESP

São Paulo Mayor Bruno Covas tested positive for Covid-19 during a routine test. While he has not shown any symptoms so far, yet Mr. Covas is an at-risk patient, due to his medical history and recent cancer diagnosis.

Mr. Covas does not plan to take a leave from office, after his personal doctor approved him to work from home, under careful observation for the next 10 days. The mayor broke the news on social media. “After four negative results, today, unfortunately, I have tested positive for Covid-19. The recommendations are to stay at home, and there will be no need to take leave from office. I will be able to continue to meet [with city officials] online,” Mr. Covas said.

São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city with roughly 12.2 million inhabitants, has been the worst-hit city in the country with 88,025 confirmed cases and 5,599 deaths according to open Covid-19 database

Bruno Covas’ medical history

Late in October 2019, Mr. Covas was hospitalized to treat an erysipelas infection when he discovered a venous thrombosis on his legs. He stayed in the hospital for immediate treatment and further testing. Then, during a blood clot search exam, he was diagnosed with cardia cancer with subsequent metastasis on his liver and lymphatic ganglions. He began chemotherapy treatment ––which was still ongoing when the Covid-19 pandemic first hit São Paulo.

In May 2020, the mayor was once again hospitalized due to abdominal discomfort but was released two days later with no serious implications. Mr. Covas’ ongoing chemotherapy treatment debilitates his immune system making him particularly vulnerable to a viral infection such as Covid-19.

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