Supreme Court could release youth offenders after Covid-19 cases

Supreme Court could release youth offenders after Covid-19 cases
Photo: Fundação Casa

A youth at Fundação Casa, a youth detention center in São Paulo, will have his petition to be released for medical treatment heard by the Supreme Court. The 20-year-old was already set for release after displaying good conduct according to the latest statement from the detention center

Yet, the state Supreme Court ruled against his release at the end of May after he tested positive for Covid-19. Over the following month, 40 other youth out of the 80 living at the detention center were also infected. At least six workers at the center have contracted the coronavirus, and the two doctors tasked with caring for the inmates are on leave. The spread of the coronavirus is likely due to the lack of facilities and health supplies at detention centers, which make social isolation measures virtually impossible.

The Fundação Casa has also recommended that the 20-year-old be released to receive proper treatment at home. His youth’s defense team has argued that the fast progression of the disease could lead to his death at any moment, as reported by newspaper Folha de São Paulo.

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