Study gauges lifestyle impacts on Covid-19 recovery

Study gauges lifestyle impacts on Covid-19 recovery
Photo: Incor

The São Paulo Heart Institute (Incor) is developing a nationwide study to evaluate the overall impact of lifestyle choices on patients recovering from Covid-19. The research will evaluate whether physically active people have any additional benefits or protection when recovering from the coronavirus. It will also look into the average time of recovery, symptoms developed, and the need for ventilators in the recovery process of active and sedentary patients.

The study will separate volunteers into three different lifestyle categories: athlete (weekly practice of intense exercise), physically active (practice regular exercise weekly), and sedentary (no regular exercise). Volunteers must have tested positive for Covid-19 through PCR or serology blood exams.

“In particular, we would like to compare people practicing exercise regularly with sedentary people to observe the proportion of hospitalizations between these two groups,” Incor Researcher Francis de Souza told newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.

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