Health Ministry backpedals, says it will publish Covid-19 data at 6 pm

Health Ministry backpedals, says it will publish Covid-19 data at 6 pm
Deputy Health Minister Élcio Franco. Photo: Julio Nascimento/PR

After facing a mounting backlash due to changes and delays in releasing Covid-19 data, Brazil’s Health Ministry announced a new platform to publish the information, which officials say will be updated at 6 pm every day. According to Deputy Health Minister Élcio Franco, “if there are no technical issues, we should receive every piece of data by 4 pm,” but if any state has a problem, it won’t be updated in time to publish by 6 pm.

The ministry informed Brazil registered 679 new deaths and 15,654 new cases on June 8. However, the Covid-19 dashboard still does not include total tallies, as it did until last week. One of the major causes of concern regarding the data’s credibility seen during the weekend was the government’s online Covid-19 dashboard going off air for over 24 hours, which Mr. Franco said to be a “pause for adjustments,” without getting into specifics.

Mr. Franco also informed that the government detected hacking attacks on the public health system’s data center during the weekend, which led to glitches that made it more difficult for state authorities to insert their own data. Vulnerabilities were fixed, he said, adding that the government would be willing to improve the level of details provided.

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