Latin America Covid-19 News Roundup: Jun. 8, 2020

Bogota Colombia
Bogota, Colombia. Photo: EGT-1/Shutterstock

?? Colombia. The coronavirus pandemic is causing a triple-headed food crisis in Colombia: starvation in homes, farmers selling less, and food distribution struggling due to social isolation. (Colombian Reports)

?? Uruguay. The government updated a decree establishing who is allowed to enter the country. Brazilians remain forbidden. (El País, in Spanish)

?? Costa Rica. With arguably the best Covid-19 response in the region, Costa Rica faces its peak of infections but has recorded no new deaths. (Diario Libre, in Spanish)

?? Cuba. The Communist island is set to increase the numbers of tests, with no single deaths registered in nine days (Prensa Latina, in Spanish)

?? Argentina. President Alberto Fernández announced the nationalization of soybean giant Vicentin. (Reuters)

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