Government could extend emergency salary for two months

emergency aid brazil
Food donation line. Photo: Nelson Antoine/Shutterstock

The federal government is likely to propose the expansion of the BRL 600 emergency salary for two more months, according to news website G1. Instead of the original amount, however, the government is likely to suggest two BRL 300 payments. Sources told the publication that the original idea was for three payments of BRL 200 over three months, but President Jair Bolsonaro thought the monthly amount was too low. 

The decision comes as the government struggles with the revelation that 8 million wealthy Brazilians may have applied and successfully received the benefit. In addition, another 11 million applications are still under analysis.

If the government decides to move forward with the idea, the new emergency salary proposition requires congressional approval. Yesterday, House Speaker Rodrigo Maia indicated that lawmakers would likely encourage “two or three more” BRL 600 payments for at least the next two months. “It is important that the government takes a stance,” he added.

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