Pernambuco state starts gradual reopening

Pernambuco state starts gradual reopening

The Northeast state of Pernambuco began the gradual reopening of its economy yesterday, 15 days after adopting more restrictive Covid-19 social isolation measures. The plan is to reestablish 32 economic sectors in the space of 11 weeks. The first phase will involve the opening of hardware stores, shopping malls, and wholesalers.

The second wave of reopenings will start on June 8, with construction workers returning to their jobs, though only being allowed to work half days. On June 15, non-essential public services will be restored, as well as beauty salons and barbershops — which can only allow one customer at a time — and professional football clubs will be able to return to training sessions.

On May 27, Pernambuco recorded an ICU occupancy rate of 97 percent. As of June 1, the state had seen almost 35,000 Covid-19 cases and 2,875 deaths.

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