Education Ministry submits guidelines for resuming classes

Education. Photo: Cesar Brustolin/SMCS
Public school in Curitiba. Photo: Cesar Brustolin/SMCS

In order to honor the 2020 school year, interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Brazil’s Education Ministry has allowed schools to increase their teaching hours per day and hold classes on Saturdays and during holidays. 

According to news website UOL, state and municipal education departments — as well as private schools — will be responsible for reorganizing their own school calendars. The ministry also warns that the longer the schools remain closed, the harder it will be to replace lost hours with in-person lessons. The department proposes “the emergency adoption of distance learning activities,” which may or may not include the use of technology. 

However, this option has caused controversy, as education activists point out that public school students often do not have access to online learning tools, or even a proper environment for home study.

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