Poll: Bolsonaro rejection rates at all-time high

Poll: Bolsonaro rejection rates at all-time high
Jair Bolsonaro greets supporters in front of the presidential palace. Photo: José Cruz/ABr

Pollster Datafolha published its latest opinion poll this afternoon, analyzing the performance of the Jair Bolsonaro governments. The administration’s rejection rates rose five percentage points, hitting their highest level yet of 43 percent. The number of people who see Mr. Bolsonaro’s performance as “good” or “great,” however, has remained steady. Voters who classify the government as “O.K.” amount to 22 percent, down from 26 percent in April’s poll.

College-educated Brazilians and students are the ones who have the most pessimistic view of the president — with 56 and 65 percent of each group rejecting him. Among those who praise Mr. Bolsonaro’s work, business owners and higher-income voters have shown the highest rate of support. Affluent Brazilians, however, are the group with the most polarized opinion. While 49 percent see the president’s administration as “bad” or “terrible,” 42 percent support Mr. Bolsonaro.

Among the reasons that have led to this mounting rejection of President Bolsonaro is his disdain toward the Covid-19 pandemic. As explained by Benjamin Fogel this week, every Sunday, “like clockwork,” the president breaks social isolation to meet with supporters — sometimes attacking democratic institutions in the process. His endorsement of chloroquine to treat Covid-19, despite having been shown to be ineffective, has shed light on the president’s mishandling of the pandemic.

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