Covid-19 increases Brazilians’ interest in science, says poll

Covid-19 increases Brazilians’ interest in science, says poll
Image: Plataa/Shutterstock

A new survey by pollster Ideia Big Data, obtained by magazine Piauí, shows that roughly three out of four Brazilians are more interested in listening to the opinions and guidelines of qualified experts now than they were before the pandemic. The data shows a stark contrast between the populations’ interests and the measures adopted by the Brazilian government, which has been consistently ignoring recommendations of the World Health Organization

Simultaneously, the level of knowledge about Covid-19 has increased by 82 percent among those who have a negative evaluation of the Jair Bolsonaro administration. The ratio is 68 percent among his supporters. 

In addition, 34 percent of the interviewees believe that a health professional must lead the response to the pandemic, while only 6 percent believe a military officer is best suited to the job. Since oncologist Nelson Teich quit on May 15, Brazil’s Health Ministry has lain empty, temporarily filled by General Eduardo Pazuello, who has no background in health or medicine. So far, there is no news regarding a definitive replacement.

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