Doctors hold live concert to raise money for PPE

live health workers ppe
Photo: Personal archive

A group of doctors will play samba and pagode music in a concert broadcast online to raise money for the purchase of personal protection equipment (PPE) for health workers at Hospital São Paulo. The band of amateur musicians worked at the public hospital during the beginning of their careers.

According to the group, which call themselves Doutores do Samba, or “The Samba Doctors,” the concert is a way to help the hospital that taught them how to practice medicine. “We want to bring joy, valuing all health professionals, not only those from the Hospital São Paulo but all those on the front line,” says doctor Eduardo Suñe Christiano, one of the band members.

The Doutores do Samba concert will be held on Sunday at 4 pm, broadcast live on the group’s YouTube channel.

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