São Paulo government refutes reopening plan

São Paulo prepares to reopen as of June 1
Photo: Thiago Leite/Shutterstock

The São Paulo state government has denied details of a reopening plan reported earlier by GloboNews. The cable news station detailed a four-step program that would be enforced from June 1 on. “The information is wrong. It would suffice to observe that the report mentioned the reopening of hotels — which were never closed,” said the governor’s office, in a statement.

The São Paulo state has reaffirmed more details on the opening plan will be provided in a press briefing on May 27.

GloboNews reported that, to be able to gradually resume operations, each region of the state would have to meet the following criteria: 

  • Isolation levels higher than 55 percent;
  • Intensive care occupancy rate below 60 percent;
  • A continuous drop in confirmed Covid-19 cases for 14 straight days.

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