Covid-19 growth in São Paulo state four times higher outside state capital

são paulo
Photo: ESB Professional/Shutterstock

The growth of Covid-19 cases in São Paulo state is currently four times larger in the interior and coastal regions than in Greater São Paulo. Outside the state capital, infections increased 3,302 percent in April, rising to 4,389. In the same period, cases in Greater São Paulo increased 770 percent, going from 2,793 to 24,309.

São Paulo is the most affected Brazilian state by the pandemic, with almost 66,000 infections and a death toll of 5,147. To help solve this crisis, the state government will spend BRL 594 million to use 4,500 hospital beds belonging to the private sector, 1,500 of them exclusively for intensive care units. The state is struggling to reduce the number of new cases.

A recent study by researchers from the Center for Mathematical Sciences Applied to Industry suggests the state could deploy alternate lockdowns — keeping certain microregions under strict isolation at different times.

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