Medical associations advise against chloroquine to treat Covid-19

Medical associations advise against chloroquine to treat Covid-19
Photo: Lubo Ivanko/Shutterstock

Several renowned Brazilian medical associations and institutions have advised against the use of chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, or their combination with azithromycin for treatment of Covid-19. 

The Brazilian Association of Intensive Care Medicine, the Brazilian Infectious Disease Society, and the Brazilian Pneumology and Tisiology Society reached a consensus over the issue, after a petition led by three of Brazil’s leading hospitals: Alemão Oswaldo Cruz and Sírio-Libanês (São Paulo) and Moinhos de Vento (Porto Alegre), as reported by newspaper Folha de S.Paulo.

Besides weak evidence of the efficacy of chloroquine, discussions over the antimalarial drug are heavily politicized, being backed to the hilt by President Bolsonaro and his supporters. Nelson Teich, who recently resigned from the Health Ministry, was also attacked by Mr. Bolsonaro’s followers for not recommending the use of chloroquine to treat Covid-19.

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