Rio Health Secretary sacked following corruption allegations

rio de janeiro covid-19
Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Tânia Rego/ABr

Rio de Janeiro Health Secretary Edmar Santos was dismissed this morning after corruption allegations related to his office came to light. The decision was made after Mr. Santos had his name connected to a scheme to defraud the state through the purchase of 1,000 ventilators. Uncovered by the Rio de Janeiro Police Department on Wednesday, the operation has resulted in the detention of at least four people — among them the secretary’s former right-hand man, Deputy Health Secretary Gabriell Neves.  

On Thursday, Rio de Janeiro Governor Wilson Witzel took to Twitter to condemn corruption “especially in this context of pandemic and fighting for the lives of millions of people.”

Since the start of the pandemic, irregularities related to anti-Covid-19 initiatives have arisen throughout the country.