Bolsonaro lashes out at leftist governor for implementing lockdown

Maranhão Bolsonaro lashes at leftist governor for lockdown
Maranhão Governor Flávio Dino. Photo: SECOM

This morning, President Jair Bolsonaro took over Twitter to criticize the left-leaning governor of Maranhão Flávio Dino, of the Communist Party of Brazil, comparing him to Venezuela’s authoritarian President Nicolás Maduro. 

The president shared a video titled “Dictatorship” in which a police officer tells people who cannot prove they are going to work to get off of a bus. “People must stay at home, starving with the rest of their families,” Mr. Bolsonaro wrote, adding that “millions [of Brazilians] already know what it is like to live in Venezuela.”

As of yesterday, Maranhão had reported 6,765 confirmed cases and 355 deaths.