Brazil will reach Covid-19 peak by May 10, says expert

peak albert einstein Sidney Klajner
Dr. Sidney Klajner. Photo: Albert Einstein

Brazil is expected to reach the peak of its Covid-19 infection curve by May 10, says Sidney Klajner, chairman of the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, one of the country’s flagship healthcare institutions. However, he says that the city of São Paulo is likely to follow a different curve. “The estimates are subject to errors, but I think we are close to the peak [nationwide, but] we have not been able to prove that the same thing is happening [in São Paulo],” said Mr. Klajner.

Asked about social isolation, the doctor said that loosening these measures could only be acceptable once new cases of Covid-19 are far from the limits of the local healthcare systems. Regarding the use of private hospital beds by patients in the public system, Mr. Klajner stated that it is necessary to regulate this usage. “If a bed is simply confiscated, the private sector stops buying inputs,” he said