Family nearly buries wrong grandmother in Pará — but she was alive!

pará wrong body

Belém, the capital of the Amazonian state of Pará, is facing a rapidly escalating public health crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as of writing, 87 percent of intensive care units are occupied. The rapidly escalating crisis has resulted in several unintended consequences for the victims of the pandemic according to news website G1.

An unfortunate incident took place during the funeral of one woman, the grandmother of service assistant Bruno Andrade. Upon opening the coffin at the funeral, the family discovered that the body within was not that of 69-year-old Dona Maria — the body of a stranger was in her place. “It was a big fright, everyone was screaming like crazy, we thought it was a member of the family, but it turned out it was not,” said Mr. Andrade. The family had been unable to see the body after they were informed of her death by the hospital.

In a state of utter confusion, the family rushed to the hospital to see if they could find the body of Dona Maria. They were unable to find her among the 30 corpses inspected at the hospital. It turned out that Dona Maria was very much still alive, sick, but still alive and kicking. 

The Pará state death verification system normally receives an average of 56 removal requests a week, five of which were usually for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Last week the system received 305 requests, 120 of which were for ARDS, 24 times the average.