⚠️ UPDATE: Brazilian Covid-19 numbers continue to climb

UPDATE: Brazilian Covid-19 numbers continue to climb
Photo: Brenda Rocha/Shutterstock

According to the latest release by the Brazilian Health Ministry, Brazil has recorded over 6,000 Covid-19 deaths. With 428 new deaths reported, the country’s death toll stands at 6,329 — surpassing Iran and leaving Brazil with the seventh-highest total in the world.

With 6,209 new infections confirmed in the last 24 hours, the country now has 91,589 cases. Despite reporting fewer cases than yesterday, this live blog has previously reported that data collection on weekends and holidays could be compromised in Brazil. As the new Health Minister admitted, the testing numbers remain lackluster and the actual number of infections is likely significantly higher.

The state of São Paulo (the country’s most populated region) is by far the worst affected in Brazil, with over 30,000 confirmed cases today. It is followed by Rio de Janeiro with 10,166 cases. Public healthcare systems in the worst affected states such as Amazonas and Rio de Janeiro are on the verge of collapse.