Project offers accommodation for healthcare workers during pandemic

healthcare workers
Photo: Haris Mm/Shutterstock

Healthcare workers at the frontline of the battle against the Covid-19 outbreak face a quandary. If they return home, they risk exposing their loved ones to the novel coronavirus, and they further risk contaminating public transport traveling to and from their workplaces. With this in mind, Camila Putignan, chief executive officer of Mill Ideas, a marketing firm, has started a new initiative called Project Isolation (Isolar). It provides temporary accommodation to healthcare workers during the pandemic, according to newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.

The initiative includes not only doctors and nurses but receptionists, maintenance workers, and security guards — all vital to maintaining the operations of hospitals. For now, healthcare workers are being accommodated in homes rented on Airbnb or through real estate agencies. The project has already raised over BRL 50,000 and lodged ten health workers — with another 180 registering on the waiting list. Project Isolation is seeking further donations via their website

Many hotel chains in São Paulo and the port city of Santos have also made rooms available to healthcare workers.