São Paulo to extend quarantine and implement stricter isolation measures

são paulo restrictions

After reporting 1,456 total deaths on Wednesday, the government of São Paulo indicated it will extend quarantine past the original May 11 deadline, implementing stricter social distancing measures in the process. Among the potential changes announced is the closure of specific main roads to reduce access to the city’s most affected neighborhoods. 

The city is home to over one-quarter of all Brazil’s Covid-19 deaths. Adding confirmed and suspected deaths, the death toll in São Paulo may have already exceeded 3,100 people. The number of daily confirmed cases has also grown exponentially — in three days, the number of newly reported infections went from 812 to more than 3,400. 

Last week, Governor João Doria announced the state of São Paulo could begin a gradual reopening of the economy starting on May 10. The lack of compliance with social isolation policies, however, is a concern for the city government. São Paulo’s social isolation rate has stalled at 48 percent — below the minimum suggested level of 50 percent and the government’s goal of 70 percent.