São Paulo to hospitalize mild Covid-19 cases

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The city of São Paulo — the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil — will change its approach to Covid-19 and hospitalize patients even if they are only showing mild symptoms of the disease. They will be placed in the Anhembi field hospital, in an attempt to reduce the use of intensive care units. “When a person arrived at an emergency room or walk-in clinic, we asked them to go home and return if their situation worsened. But when they did come back, they were in a severe condition,” local Health Secretary Edson Aparecido told news website G1

The average rate of ICU occupation in São Paulo city hospitals is at 73 percent, according to the report. As of April 21, the city had 10,342 confirmed Covid-19 cases, out of a total of 15,385 in the state. There have been 753 deaths in the state capital, 68 percent of all fatal cases in São Paulo.