Bolsonaro supporters suggest plan straight out of Nazi Germany

nazi germany

Over the April 21 holiday, businesswoman Cristiane Deyse Oppitz proposed an extreme “solution” to separate those who support social isolation from Covid-19 deniers who “want to work” and prioritize the economy, in line with President Jair Bolsonaro’s view. She recommended identifying pro-isolation Brazilians by making them wear a red ribbon, as well as leaving a mark on the door of their homes — the same tactic used by the German Nazi Party before their pogrom of Jews in 1938. 

“You will not be able to see a doctor, go to the pharmacy, or the supermarket (…) because of the mark on your door. You will be in total isolation until the big virus passes. So all the food produced goes to people who are contributing and not to people who do not want to contribute,” she said.

Prominent far-right blogger Allan dos Santos had a similar idea, asking his followers to carry out the digital lynching of anyone who “promotes communism.”