Latin American Covid-19 News Roundup

oil prices latin america

?? Ecuador. The fall in WTI oil futures contracts prices expiring on Tuesday accelerated, reaching negative figures in the worst downfall since the Gulf War. While Venezuela’s oil-dependent economy is still “safe” according to the Brent-based index, Ecuador could be in hot water. (El Comercio, in Spanish)

?? Argentina. Zero Tolerance: Argentina opens criminal cases against Covid-19 misinformation. (Buenos Aires Times)

?? Colombia. Bogota residents donate USD 13 million to help the poor during the quarantine. (Colombia Reports)

?? Mexico. Journalists covering Covid-19-related stories face equipment shortages and government obstruction. (Committee to Protect Journalists)

?? Bolivia. The government eyes an emergency economic plan to fight the coronavirus crisis. (El Deber, in Spanish)?? Chile. The government’s new financial aid will help 4.5 million Chileans, said President Piñera. (CNN Chile)